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1.6 million+ people die every year globally because of poor indoor air quality. Many more get respiratory healthy problems like asthma because of poor indoor air quality. Since most outdoor air enters homes through HVAC systems, the importance of cleaning such systems can't be overlooked. The presence of dirt, dust, and other microbes in your indoor air should be a major cause for concern. That's where air duct cleaning in Tampa FL, comes in handy.

While most people understand the importance of air duct cleaning, majority ignore it and carry out other maintenance such as changing air filters, which isn't sufficient. A new air filter can't control bacterial and mold growth in internal components.

Trusted Tampa Air Duct Cleaning

We offer expert duct cleaning services in Tampa FL. Our services eliminate the threat caused by dirt, dust, and other microbes that live in air duct systems. If you suffer from asthma, throat infections, eye irritation, lung tissue swelling, coughing, and sneezing despite living in a clean environment, your air ducts could be to blame. While cleaning is important, make sure you hire experts like us!

We offer affordable service 6 days a week. Our hours are:

Monday through Friday: 7 AM to 7 PM
Saturday: 8 AM to 6 PM
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After Hours Appointments Available - Please call 813-800-2665

Other Advantages of Duct Cleaning

Lower energy bills

Besides staying healthy, you'll also save some money when you have your air ducts cleaned. Dirt buildup over time interrupts smooth airflow via HVAC systems. The increased resistance makes HVAC systems "work harder," resulting in more energy bills. Our services help homeowners in Tampa, FL, and surrounding environs enjoy significant energy savings every year.

Why Choose FL-Air Heating & Cooling

NADCA best practices: Unlike typical HVAC cleaners, we follow NADCA best industry practices.

Decades of experience: We are not another startup looking to cash in from important services. We've been around for decades.

Guaranteed services: We go as far as measuring indoor air quality before and after our services. Our services are fact-based and measurable. We will inspect your air ducts, use the right equipment for the job (rotary brushes, high-power vacuums, etc.), and do follow-ups.

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