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Your Trusted AC Installation Services in Tampa

The best way to keep your Tampa FL home comfortable throughout the year is to install a reliable air conditioning system. As an added bonus, a good AC system provides energy efficiency benefits.

Considering air conditioning systems are present in over 87% of homes in America and account for 27%+ of energy bills in hot-humid areas like Tampa FL, the importance of a reliable energy-efficient AC systems can't be overlooked.

FL-Air Heating & Cooling offers a wide range of AC services to ensure that not only do you have a reliable AC unit but it is also energy efficient.

AC Installation Services by certified technicians

No matter how great the features are, if your AC unit isn’t installed properly, it won’t be able to give your money’s worth.

FL-Air assembled the best air conditioning installation technicians in Tampa, FL, for this purpose. We’re experienced, NATE-Certified, and skilled beyond basic AC installation.

Our AC Installation Process

Before installing a unit, we’ll assess your home and provide viable options that best meet your needs. We’ll also inspect the existing AC vents to ensure they’re compatible with the new system.

We’ll follow strict set guidelines when installing your AC system. Our technicians won’t leave until it’s working as expected.

Affordable air conditioning systems in Tampa FL

We are strong believers in affordable quality. Our customers aren't forced to choose between price and quality. We work with high-quality but affordable air conditioning brands. If you need a durable, energy-efficient, and high-quality AC unit that is affordable, CALL US NOW: 813-800-2665.

You can CALL to schedule a FREE AC installation estimate.

Has your AC been installed, but you need a second opinion? Do you have leaking ducts, a high electricity bill, hot interior, or you're simply looking for a new air conditioning system in Tampa FL. Call us for a FREE estimate and discussion on your AC issues.

FL-Air Heating & Cooling offers emergency AC Repair services 24/5 Monday-Friday, Saturday 8am - 6pm, Closed on Sunday.

Check our customer reviews for firsthand information on what it's like to work with us.

At FL-Air, our customers do not choose between price and quality; they receive excellent AC installation from Tampa’s best technicians while paying a competitive price. When you work with us, your AC unit will be installed precisely, will work optimally, and will give you many years of service.

Check our testimonials to see what it’s like to work with us!

Choose from High-Quality AC Brands

FL-Air works with reputable and affordable air conditioning brands, giving you great options for your heating and cooling requirements. Once we determine your home’s needs, we’ll walk you through your options—units that will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Get a Free Second Opinion

It’s common for newly installed AC units to cause issues, and poor installation is often the main culprit.

If your current AC system – installed by another contractor – is causing problems (leaking ducts, high electricity bills, hot interiors), call us for a free second opinion. Our technicians will inspect the unit to determine the cause of the issues. We’ll also give you a free estimate on the AC installation or repair work needed to remedy them. Just call us at 813-800-2665 to schedule.

The FL-Air Heating & Cooling Difference

Our Advantage: Why choose us for all your AC installation services in Tampa FL?

  • NATE-certified technicians
  • Reliable customer support - Available 24 hour Monday - Friday. 
  • Guaranteed satisfaction. Thorough inspection, installation, and monitoring
  • High-quality but affordable AC systems
  • FREE estimates