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Commercial HVAC Contractor

FL-Air Heating & Cooling is a commercial HVAC contractor with services spanning three counties. We offer commercial HVAC services in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance and Repair

We can maintain commercial HVAC systems like commercial air conditioning systems and furnaces/heating systems.

Your commercial AC is critical for a healthy working environment. Well-maintained AC systems keep both employees and customers comfortable, creating the perfect environment for productivity. Maintenance is a critical aspect of ensuring your AC system never fails. This service also offers cost savings and increases the lifespan of your unit.

We have highly experienced and professional HVAC maintenance personnel who can proactively establish AC problems before they occur. Our commercial HVAC maintenance service includes inspecting AC systems, verifying refrigerant levels, performing diagnostics checks, identifying and resolving duct-work leaks, checking and replacing air filters, preventing unexpected damages and repairs, and more! In case your AC malfunctions, we can attend to such issues immediately.

We also maintain commercial heating systems like furnaces. Maintaining your heater is important for safety and efficiency. Our maintenance services include but aren't limited to keeping filters clean, ensuring thermostats are working properly, identifying and fixing gas leaks as well as clearing out obstructions/blockages in vents and combustion air pipes that interfere with the efficiency of most commercial furnaces. Our service can detect issues before they threaten the safety of your commercial establishment.

Commercial HVAC Replacement and Installation

If you want an experienced Tampa, FL commercial HVAC contractor capable of replacing or installing a new commercial HVAC system, look no further. FL-AIR HVAC replaces old commercial HVAC systems like ACs that have become inefficient. We can replace old systems with new ones that doesn't break down frequently and attract hefty repair fees. Noisy systems that also have comfort issues i.e., uneven temperatures, humidity problems, should also be replaced. Old commercial furnaces attract high energy costs compared to newer units. They also pose safety risks if they have cracks or holes in the heat exchanger.

FL-Air Heating & Cooling is a full-service commercial HVAC contractor that offers the above services and more to all kinds of commercial establishments from offices to factories and schools. Call 813-800-2665 24 hour Monday - Friday if you have a commercial HVAC emergency. Malfunctioning commercial HVAC systems can translate to downtime for your entire business. Get a non-obligatory quote now! You can also explore Flair HVAC reviews for firsthand information on what it means to choose us.