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Common Air Conditioning Problems in Winter

Common Air Conditioning Problems in Winter

4 Winter Air Conditioning Problems and How to Solve Them

The cold temperature of winter is tough on your household appliances, especially your HVAC system. Many HVAC problems occur during this season because of the cold’s impact on your unit’s pipes, coils, and components. Air conditioning units, in particular, might struggle to maintain your preferred indoor temperature during winter. 

With winter right around the corner, it’s important to be aware of AC problems you might experience. So when they do occur, you know how to address them quickly and stay comfortable during the cold season.

FL-Air Heating & Cooling shares a guide to common air conditioning issues in winter and how to solve them.

     1. Frozen Pipes and Coils

Freezing is a big risk if your AC pipes aren’t properly insulated. This lowers the efficiency of your HVAC system, potentially racking up your energy bills. Moisture buildup, clogged pipes, refrigerant leaks, and low thermostat settings are the common causes of frozen AC pipes. 

If your AC is frozen, give it time to thaw first. Maybe you’ve been running it for too long. Turn it back on after three to four hours. If it freezes again, then the issue may be more serious.

Check for dirty air filters and blocked vents. These two problems can hinder the heat exchange process inside the AC, causing the pipes to freeze.  

      2. Refrigerant Leaks

AC units low on refrigerant can’t maintain your desired indoor temperature. You can usually tell that there’s a refrigerant leak when you hear hissing sounds from the unit.

Adding more refrigerant won’t fix your AC. The refrigerant charge should match the manufacturer’s specifications to maximize your AC’s efficiency and performance. Call a trained technician so they can address the main cause of the leak, apply the correct amount of refrigerant, and properly test your unit after. 

     3. Uneven Air Temperature and Flow

Some rooms in your house might be colder than others. Many homes have this problem throughout the year due to the placement of their AC unit. If you experience this during winters only, the complication might be severe.

The cause of uneven indoor temperature varies, from dirty filters and faulty motors to gaps around doors and windows. Check your doorways and windowsills for cracks that might be leaking air out. You also need to inspect your vents and air filter to determine if these are causing the problem.

Once you’ve ruled out those three reasons, it’s time to call an HVAC specialist. They’ll check the inner components of your AC unit to determine the cause and resolve the problem.

     4. Broken Thermostat

Sometimes, your AC unit isn’t working correctly because of your thermostat. In this case, your thermostat may need to be cleaned and recalibrated. If you haven’t updated your thermostat in several years, now may be an excellent time to upgrade to a programmable model.

If you’re not sure how to resolve your AC problem, your best bet is to call a trained specialist. Don’t forget to schedule a maintenance check before the winter to prevent these issues from sprouting up in the first place.

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